a place in your mind


Providence is a place in your mind.
And also a town.  Like
the sun rising over the lake
be burnished benevolence – &

also a solar systemic fact,
dawn’s chilly weather.
& if we dream together
rather than apart... the intellect

somewhere outside the movement of
these moons, planets...
Now what you grinning at?
You wilna guarantee supernatural Love?

But I am what I am, & I am, I am
a wondrous thing (after
10 a.m.). O ye rafters,
rise!  O ye gates of Jerusalem!

Providence, funky old town.
With a history.  Roger,
under killing weather
in a warm wigwam.  The plan

for the planets, the calm creation...
like a vase whirled in milk,
a home for Black Elk –
at the door of six directions,

where the sheepfold meets the sea.
A little oaken Okean.
A microcosm, spinning,
Jen.  Dream, le songe, where you meet me.


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