and willows could not hold more


Maple trees aflame by the river.
A lonely bench – Hobo’s?
Siege perilous
for homeless someone (shiver,

anonymous child of cold fortune).
Collateral damages
from various pillages
of community pillars... honorable men...

the violent bear it away.  Wind
blows through pinetops.
A salt wind, like to freeze.
& leaves turn bloody at the end

of October.  Washington surveys
Shawnee Ohio hills.
Marshals militia drills,
rankled by Crown authorities.

His real estate’s on shaky ground.
Who owns land?  Who owns
sea.  Of his bones
are coral made.  O steady sound

of middle C – circumference
& center of the keys.
The 88, a breeze
from Cairo paradise (our Providence).

Who be that aye-aye from before
the beginning of tomorrow?
C-Jonah beyond sorrow.
Sister-dove.  Your soft sheep-door.


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