gash of a calm current


The daggers of the sumac (plum-
red, maroon) accent
the gash of a calm current
between these knotted forks of autumn

cottonwood.  The knot itself
an ellipse, like bole
of oak (hollow hole...
screech owl?) – for an emerald elf.

The Green Man in the green glade.
Prehistoric American?
Or an Irish cousin.
Gardener in the garden (maid

Magdalen’s Gesthemane).
The river is a strong
brown Gould.  Unstrung
out of New Hampshire (Alleghany?

Ohio?).  Or maybe Negus, Ravlin...
leading the flock mesmerized
to Iowa (West Branch, 
shepherd).  Buzzing a Quaker violin.

We have dawdled long enough
in Babylon, children.
The labyrinth (Parisian)
folds Theseus into a trough

much like a Mississippi mirror
dreamscape, umbilical
(& smoothly paradoxical).
We mumble into the interior.


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