curious Winter's Tale


Tell us a curious Winter’s Tale
before October ends.
This cottonwood sheds
flagship – by remnant sail,

from crown of flimsy raven nest.
Berryman’s birthday.
Not a block from here... hey.
Fold him he water music (final test).

Pledge of confirming intellect
spurs poet to sole deed.
Life’s halcyon meed.
Plum plummet (kingfish dialect).

Not that yellow-gold & blacken’d
leaf, cornered in eddies
keyed to cotton levies,
blackface parodies... Huck reckon’d

not.  Rather this lightweight,
ineffable lovelight –
staging for drifting wight
her leaf-romance (it’s not too late,

Hermione).  Tale told by idiot
king, floating everything –
how twin brothers ring
the mirror lake of Camelot,

& Guinevere & Lancelot
surface (Gennesaret)
Stravinsky trance-daughter
by prairie vortex... oaken chariot.


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