Vladimir's Mnemosyne


The little height of land, pasture
behind the slough, Heidi,
in Mendelssohn – where we
hunted fireflies together

as on a giant turtle’s back
in the dark – like sparks
or bees on a gloomride
puppy stars under the black

sky sidling, sidereal
in sympathy, friendly
affinity, & simply
love (centripetal

North Star).  Vladimir’s Mnemosyne
within the hazel wood
only pure good 
Time the shady tall ash tree

that leaves its paw-print on your brow
today.  Miniature
meteor, or sepulchre
in microcosm, negative snow-

flake, flinty seal of Solomon;
emblematic passion-
flower, heart’s icon,
salt for a matrix-flame... O Queen

of the South, nightingale’s
bridegroom, at peak of
deep star-well – Love’s
rose-nest (crowning pregnant sails).


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