the order of the day


Jesus likely would not recognize
what we have made of him –
exemplar (in rite & hymn)
of royal prehistoric Zeus

or Pharaoh-gilded rain.  Human
mind climbs out of beast.
Not long ago, the feast
was drunken heads – the scar remain.

The ink dries on a twisted pattern.
Tyrant’s father-hamlet,
laden sack – fried omelet-
omen (under midnight sun).

A raven zigzags over Noah’s
bow (yew, cypress,
acacia).  Her nest
will not be found on land, selah.

Someone, singing a see-saw
in Galilee.  Sea-
shanty (shanti, shanti)
maybe.  Malcolm?  Simone?  Naw...

maybe.  Light metamorphosis
the order of the day.
Pines, tamarack (way
back beyond Ravenna, Beatrice)...

A little moth molts molten gold
out of black stone,
southwest (of high Zion).
Wings ray to Nazir tinder... (fold).


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