White Rose sets in the west


George Washington was born today;
Sophie Scholl was killed
as well.  Her cup was spilled
in order to brim up the bloody

mystery of iniquity that is
our history – an epic-
georgic bio-pic
or tragicomedy (blind Theseus

meets Ariadne in a maze
of corn – assumes she’s
golden Taurida... FINIS).
Wings waft into a purple haze.

The moon belongs to everyone.
She set this morning through
a window shade (pale blue
the air, drawn up from Galilean

shadow-well).  This labyrinth
contains a Minotaur
indeed – his name your
own.  The light is very thin

within retaining walls of iron
chicken-wire (chain link);
quincunctial conjunction
for plowman (Sir Thos. Browne).

Wisdom B. Justified (in all 
her children).  Madre moon
sheds rain upon human
travail... silvers the plow (selah).


Moonset, 6:35 a.m. (Minneapolis)

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