Where the crooked sumacs are


The Redeye of these freight cars’
heavy backward thunder
over rubidium crossbars’
X.  Where the crooked sumacs are –

their creaky grey akimbo-structures
(rusty caducei).  Amorpho-
phallus Titanium?  No,
not quite... but ruddy, like Osiris-

Oedipus (up 3-Way Highway,
where the pylons meet).
Eddy Parallactic,
relatively paralytic – all that whey

so massive, bending light around
Caesar’s own seizures,
jade embrasures
(pyramidical, tyrannical, profound).

The iron Bruegel earth turns so,
in snowy dunes.  Until
one feathery perpendicular
percolates up (with bleaker crow).

Light eddied, slow (28, 29...)
where a spring coils
moss-green (oeuil
of Bosch, in Kansas City sun);

where Iris plants meek sovereignty
by Eero-Eeyore Gate – &
Eurydice, come late
May, rose... (tiny Iona tree).


MN Arboretum (Jan. 2016)

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