What's in a sine wave ?


This milky February sun
foretells another spring.
Still far-off – winging
eyebrow-arch reflection

of a snow-blue almond bridge.
Yet near... a looming
whisper (out of Red Wing,
maybe) in your ear.  Sweet pledge

of union, set sail southward
by wattle-crane basket
to mossy reed thicket
below Delta (belle Campagnarde).

Knot-eye of Popeye raptor-
sailor, here trans-
mogrified to mildest
peahen-cockerel (Eeyore-

Sophia, high over Frisco Bay).
Equable & everpresent
orthogonal well of charity

infusing one & all (mandala-
dome, dominion’s
doom).  Everyone’s
chest de trĂ©sor – heart’s ah,

life’s oh... amended Manitou
of Man.  For me & you,
within the vernal blue
of ocean wave (palm-feather true).


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