wedding ring-structure


These sibylline papyrus leaves,
so many shades of raven-
ink, scribe-feathered Ocean
etched with moony mesmer-waves...

The earth’s a musty limestone book
Psyche a palimpsest
charting gilt-emerald quest
through eerie oreille (slant rook

to woody isle, Macbête) – a flickering
archaic pain-matière
or wedding ring-structure
spring Geraldine Fitzgerald flung

for blue-eyed boys & one grey heir.
The old man frets in dust
& stone; his ferryman
(Rouget Blackstone) fins through the air

from northern Iowa to Eire;
the turtledove they seek
has grown so pigeon-meek
her flutings barely skim the lyre-

string.  Once in Calabria
flint-hermit Joachim
pictured a raptor-flame
plummet through time (vera-

mente Kiev-pointing).  Gentle
Columbia, please ravel up
my rusty finger-dab...
lips’ labyrinth, rose-granite mantle.


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