"Can you enter the great acorn of light?"


This heart-shaped leaf from cottonwood
dark green & silver-gray
may float down other rivers – say
the Don, by Voronezh... or Eridanos,

through Ravenna (north of Hades)... &
each windblown plum sails
off a shakedy limb, whose spiral
roots corkscrew (like S.S. Normandie

propeller) down into a labyrinthine
seine of mounded knots...
a weedy sea-change (plot
of plots).  Black Diamond is crystalline –

common as salt; an octochoron,
regular, complex;
cubic prismatic Rex
or tesseractic honeycomb (acorn

beanie, maybe).  From her, La Paix
like some Hermione
dances to life again – see
there!  Her coracle – l’√Čternit√©!

My raven-tesserae form nature morte.
Venn diagram for Orpheus
bent to his Beatrice-dust
in Adriatic backwater – ‘til brought

up short, like Slocum, John (Shaker
Indian of Puget Sound)
or like Black Elk, who found
her sun-spun gyroscope (stung-sweet Makar).


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