make it new


Herman riveted to crow’s-nest,
Dante wearing out
his shoes... Weldon, forgot
by Golden Gate, & Berryman, a crust

of snow beside the limestone bank.
Moon rose from sea
with magnanimity,
night’s passionate gravity... & sank

these antithetical children of the sun
beneath immeasurable Ocean-
wave.  Matrix of one
twinkling eye... stuttered translation

from sharks’ dogma to Cutty Sark
sped rondure-eloquence –
an Ocean River sense,
human inheritance (almond birthmark).

The old salt bears his Southern Cross 
as shark-tooth earring,
tattooed heart.  The singing
shrouds (sea-urge, wave-moss)

remind him of Jonah, lost infant
of the crew – of Jasper,
& Francesca too – Ariel
in Ravenna pines (al fresco fundament).

Make all things new.  An emerald gong
plumbs planetary tides –
sun-shimmer plies
Gennesaret to Tuscan hills (all-human song).


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