experimental Restoration Play


Cedar shade of Galilee,
Aesculapian shepherd
staff of serpent-
skin, shed (leafing royalty

in vernal memory).  Magdala
Stone of good deeds done
O spouse of rustic sun
& witness won... lowly Messiah

come & gone (& come again).
Time flowers on the lips
& salty fate slips
into diamond lantern (homespun

dream of overflowing glee) – a shout
of joy from a windblown seed
of newness sown (whorled
Jubilee) – canoe-galleon, afloat

round Milky Road (unquenchable
Eternity) – that lights
gold Magna Carta rights
welded in smiling crucible

of Manitou.  So on this day
Canonicus & Charles II
framed (raven-spelt) new
Charter, for primordial Way –

experimental Restoration Play
within green cedar
fane – firm oaken chair
of planetary cheer (our Ripening Day).


Roger Williams Memorial, Prospect Terrace, Providence

* Note : on this day in 1663, King Charles II of England signed the charter creating the new colony of Rhode Island.  Written, and sponsored (in London) by Roger Williams and Thomas Clarke, the charter pioneered a new form of government, founded on principles of religious toleration and popular sovereignty.

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