ineffable mosaic sky


The air so brilliant & clear today
beside the Bronze Age river.
The railroad bridge hovers
over its reflection – a light play

of diagonals, like water-spiders
on a pond, or cloud-feathers
above the Jordan, tethered
to a steadfast figure (Jasper’s

orant mariner, circumferencing
gray sea with shady palm).
That chanting shepherd, calm
beneath an indigo wheel of blazing

stars... one cheerful face beaming
from the medallion
in Classe (Apollinarian)
under darkened wooden ceiling

of abandoned ship, beached in pine-
swamp, at Ravenna’s edge.
Mere icons of a human pledge
so simple, local, omni-Byzantine –

ineffable mosaic sky
where Love bends waves
to lift us from our graves
into a metamorphosis   kind Aye

above halo of tears   you streak
with serpentine arches
agios   agios   agios
one river-rainbow   in an eagle’s beak


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