Weldon finds his shoes

                                   For a Tear is an Intellectual Thing

This evening light over the sink
& clutter of Mom’s pots
dish soap, what-nots
stillness of an eye that doesn’t blink

pupil of an unseen commonwealth
Lincoln-logos of a realm
Time cannot overwhelm
where Walter nurses back to health

Hart’s broken farfalla-tower
& Weldon finds his shoes
again   & Berryman his
balance on that bridge   O Flower

Joy   Out of these winter fields
where Bruegel-raven   zig-
zags   over leafless twigs   &
Guillaume’s pink turban   slowly   heals

Your graven images of gravity,
Henry   my autumn fall
1132   a burial
at sea   the perspicacity

of buoyant Jonah   one grey gull 
white-feathered underneath
lights on a wave   breathe,
Dove   lift down from empty skull

my ashen diamond   the snow skims
sparkling   under the sun
& from bright gatherings one
Flamant beams   whose warmth redeems


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