the palm, the fiery gates


American robin on my fence
I sense you are a friend
& neighbor – here to lend
your orange breast, for salience –

swell-sign of aerial fellowship
in gravid cave-adventure
(blue waves of chicory
pacing old roads, from Boston slip

to San Francisco).  How your edgy
yodeling interrogates
our grubby, wormy hates –
sclerotic, squamous tragedy

of shriveled hearts, rancid hypocrisy!
You diagram with song
a madrigal so strong,
so many voices in emergency

merge into blueprint buoyancy –
manifest (garnet clay
prairie roundelay)
a ship-shape evening constancy.

Mute gesture from crow’s-nest G-ray!
Memory, beyond time
salts a Boethian rhyme-
beat... in quella Roma onde

Cristo รจ Romano.  Staunch ruddy
steersman indicates
the palm, the fiery gates,
Pacific O... – Eternity! is all his study.


Map of Rhode Island, 1780

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