in the conning tower


Sophie sketching a choo-choo train
in blue crayon, & a trio
of engines in bright yellow-
black (Union Pacific) planing

across a dented overpass
share the light matrix-
argot of a peacock’s
fan-continuum (sea-surface).

Your eye that opens like a morning
glory forged into fusion
stronger than the sun
this amorous union, splendoring

a plume – your planet, raveled into
one.  Its gyroscopic
spin is geodesic
liftruweight – a feathery canoe

scaled up the hoary Nile to be
fair, kind & true
(peacock’s mosaic view
breathing accordion transparency).

Who then can be my enemy?
Why do the ogres rage
& tinpots ruse to stage
mock war upon me?  Jealousy?

from lambent arboreal North
snow slants softly down
a rose meridian
to blanket aboriginal South


radiant in sibylline East
as tawny dogwood leaf
light welds a choral reef
to Liberty’s gull-dappled West

A shady chess piece in the tower
angles shark advantage
with a flanking edge –
the twisted blade, the bribe’s power;

on prison railroads to the pole
pecking iron grain
by long division
sowing lizard’s teeth (drum roll)

all for a subterfuge of thieves
who plant not (neither
shall they hive)... where
then their homing in the sheaves?

Like a black hole torn through
ice-gilded armor, light
gravity sets right
your kayak’s calm ellipse (true

almond eye, beaming beyond
all scheming pyramids).
Whose birchbark lids
one cosmic hexagon – fond

snowflake angel-star – salt
pattern at the end
of Everychild’s roadbend –
bright rainbow out of Ocean vault.


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