love & reason


Chris the carpenter, who came
to work on the kitchen today
grew up in Kentucky
(Louisville).  Stabled in the same

horse-town as cousin Julie, Uncle
Jim.  Heard the JFK
Inaugural, just yesterday.
Born in ’63.  Like a carbuncle

burst on history, his red hair
oscillated in
the wind (a Bruegel vine
for allegorical enmity).  Who there?

The difference between love & reason.
Conversion of the Jews
(persecution blues).
Crusaders, conjuring their notion

of Coulombe.  It’s about love
of the idea of love.
Been there, dove
that (through bronze dry ice dove).

Stone stumble on itself.
Luminous millwheel
like a cloudy meal...
ornery small emerald elf

in limelight (grey pebble,
desolate Black Sea).
No one care, see.
Is only poetry (silly rebel).


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