one common wheel


Snow mantles the outstretched granite hand
of Roger Williams, floating
with benevolent feeling
over Providence.  Understand

this pioneer of liberty –
a spark from Edward Coke
whose Temple accent spoke
one common wheel of dignity

the lawful root of sovereignty
beyond despotic whim
in a vibrant realm
of transparent equality.

Within the wigwam of Canonicus
wings of Cautantowwit
Whitsun tide-light
new sign from lofty Okeanos

Manitou beyond the earth.
Life of Miantonomi
lost on Path P
Christos   locked on Golgotha

the bread cast on the salt waters
returns as octahedral
diamond   of every soul
the living ground.  These gray matters

of galaxies   our origins
in chaste velocities
of Raven-sighs
are reconciled where Time begins


in mid-most mind (O Adonai)
where gyroscopic spins
of corny gold Whitmans
drift from mosaic cupolae

Ravennas of ecstatic joy.
O lift the everlasting
Gates!  The iron spring
gives way – unleashes yellow toy

across the planetary warp –
Ariadne’s shuttle flies
arranging swift surprise
in Chartres maze, her fleecy harp

sounds rustic harmony
(rose choral wreath
of unison, beneath
mild luminous clerestory).

The ancient pattern of the whole
reflects an irrepressible
adoring Psyche – able
to melt each calcified soul

& mend the fractured skeleton
all shattered out of reason
to dehumanizing treason
(haughty deflections of half-men

swept up into strange self-defeat
by heart’s amnesia)...
Help them, Columbia!
Mercy makes Providence complete.


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