with malice toward none, with charity for all

                  i.m. MLK

We walk together on a zigzag path
tracing the death of kings
miming crow’s wings
of trickster history – wrath

bursting yellow-orange (balloon
for Apollinaire,
strange signal-flare
scripted for carrier pigeon)

like scars of Mars across an unknown
martyr-soldat (Eeyore-
Verman, smoked as of yore
in mustard-bowl of Bosch-demon)...

Glassed like a pair of broken bifocals
the earth’s blind O
& heaven’s diving zero
mesh in the crosshairs (personals

coulombe).  Shepherd’s last calendar
(yours, mine, ours).
Beyond blank stares
of slate, in Arctic Cimetière

beneath Jonah’s anchor, tattooed
by Minotaur... one homing
turtledove draws OMO
in red chalk.  Graphite étude

of pensive Milky Way... orant
abysmal honey-beard’s
raven-rose word
lifting light birch-bee ark (aslant).


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