Red Wing colors


Sun through winter clouds, light
grays, pale blues...
Red Wing colors –
Mississippi stoneware (molded tight).

The heavy clay, churned by the river.
Earth forms distend,
disintegrate... days end,
begin... arrows in a quiver

of darkness.  Black Sea, cold, dead.
Salt lashing the eyes,
unseeing eyes – Oedipus
in his beast maze (Minotaur Ed).

Bruegel with his traps & nets.
Sardonic Injun Joe.
Taut lips of Little Crow.
To the bottomland we go, eaglets –

where Janus wrestles in the ice
with icon of his father.
Horned (narwhal weather).
Stars nest in a pair of dice.

High in stretched vaults of shade
stone elms lean down
over a golden corn-
maze (Ariadne made).

Light-roping constellations chant
reunion, reconcilement –
on twin wings of prairie-tent
coulombe (your ghostly complement).


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