elephant burials


Snowflakes crystallize, unique
& elegant.  Mandala-
knots (of ice).  Then follow
the sun, like dew in a raven’s beak.

Into the rain, the river, Ocean.
Heart’s slow dilation.
Sunken beams of pain,
of petrified love... beyond reason.

Light tracks of salt, the tears
of trees.  Sacrament
of speechless element –
elephant burials.  Fallow years.

Inarticulate, dumbfounded soul.
The knowledge of the end
in each soft riverbend –
her fingerprint, on clay bowl.

Dreams gather, so.  The dream.
A curly wave of sheep
threading from the deep
time-meadows.  Trim trireme,

bearing a casket wrapped in fleece –
matrix of Paradise,
lifting each Jonah to release.

The air murmurs immortal Spring;
your friend is limping sweetly
by your side.  The tree
of Galilee is blossoming.


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