Chess problem


Husks of cicadas, limestone shells.
These layers, a palimpsest
of leopard skins (East/
West).  Serpentine spells

(Alph to Yezidi).  In graven
hieroglyphs of human
dream – Solomon
& Shulamith (Ferrarese garden

bond).  A Mendelssohn mandala-
afterlife, of local
equilibria... after all
the Pharaohs have their sway (selah).

Battle of shade & pictograph
resolved by wind.  Cool
breeze, troubling pool
of sunken barge (regal riff-raff).

Vernacular archaic culture
architecture – simple
transmission of ample
gratitude for being.  Pressure

on the king (of everything).
Grey humming bird
omen signals absurd
sacrifice (pawn for nothing)...

his baby steps (Gypsy to Jew)
toward one wooden
nature morte (amen,
amen).  Reed mat, sheik.  Me & you.


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