Henry's Sheba (down south)


This gaunt, towering, aged pine,
adorned with a scattering
of obsolete Christmas
lights, draws a straight sober line

lifting its crow’s nest to point
of perihelion (invisible sun
behind galactic one).
My ghost-ship creaks with accent

grave along her seventh wave
(sky-reckoning) – southern
constellation, borne
on Magellanic surf.  An octave

mutely unfolds – an origami
Chinese lantern, spun
outward (on tiny silken
struts) into a diamond Chi-

Rho maze – Rorschach figure
of raven, or monarch
brain (Venn-Neva wreck)...
my spider-path, or Chartres lure.

Eurydice of Dream Song,
Henry’s Sheba down south.
Proceeds by word of mouth –
transfigures saturnine keening

to hopeful whistle.  Chickadee,
junco?  Woodpecker –
rousing Ravenna nature
morte (ligneous crucifix-aubade).


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