O ye porcelain princes


Arctic air is bearing down now
on this middling Midwestern
flatland plate (limestone).
No sea-breeze moderates the snow

though I remember dockyards of Duluth
in water colors.  Seagulls
recollect their coast
with scraping cries.  Boaz & Ruth

wend for us all – we ramble through
strange parts, returning home;
Kuala Lumpur’s steam-
bath sealed a wedding (one from two).

Love knits together contraries.
This is old wisdom, Sophie;
providential strophe
swung from your native city.  Rhody’s

ambient orchestra – a certain
mildness in the air,
a temperate clarity...
O ye proud porcelain princes, hearken!

Loveless disdain for one another
serves not to patch up
my cracked American cup.
You bicker with your own twin brother.

Stiff little Nutcracker king, your white
hair flows like rain from grey
dove’s eye.  Pluperfect Roy...
a rose ellipse (enfolding day & night).


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