Shakespeare's acorn


This circle of 7 emerald palms
(with 8 red dots across
lifelines) was pressed
by hand – an infant hand, Phoebe’s –

under the guiding eye of Grace
(in Providence).  Now
I set my cup (micro-
mosaic from Byzantium) in place

atop these marble squares, that trace
brass compass & sundial
of Roger Williams.  Trial
by English fire (Coke’s carapace) 

was his – to bring the Narragansett
word for liberty
to London (& to me).
The sovereignty of good, in its

vernacular incarnation, is
one global, crystalline,
turtleshell acorn –
Shakespearean lap of happiness

(skullcap, human Golgotha-dome
worn meekly in Ferrara
& Venice – Ravenna,
Providence...) – What cheerWelcome,

warbles Canonicus, chief
Shaker under raven-
falls (Columbian) –
his handshake stronger than belief.


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