The Sovereignty of Good


A beautiful moon swings low over
frigid freeway, tonight.
Distant rays (twice-refracted)
illuminate roadside snow.  Up there

floating, one sharp sigh, one smile –
dark rondure of tennis ball
cushions his gradual
descent (unique lunar profile).

Substance of illumination...
State of Union, tonight.
President sheds late
bright emanation (station

on the way).  Recognition
of a mission, Everyman –
Goodness is this, right?  One.
Gaze upon prairie space (the sun).

Pursuit of happiness.  By we
the people.  Recognition
of a transposition...
humble oxymoron-man (of thee

I sing).  He play the target-sign,
a threefold ground zero
premier.  Mysterioso.
Ford Theatre (Dallas denouement).

Roger Williams tracks into the woods
to huts of Miantonomi.
Is finished, sez he –
snowing again (beatitudes).


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