Big Rabbit & the Can-Canute


Winter.  An imperturbable water-serpent
flows smoothly south, under
the presiding MN-arch
(Peace Bridge).  Cloud-blanket (quiet, lambent

silverthought).  Ice-glancing light
of North Star State –
each ray will penetrate
the sixpack hexagons of Snow Rabbit

– that giant Bigfoot totem-ghost
Sophie & Phoebe rolled
to quasi-life (backyard).
Some Hiawatha Teotihuacan (host-

figure, phantom King).  Messiah
is a butterfly.  Love,
Love, and be loved, beloved
Bumblebee – amen, selah.

This glossy lala glossolalia
is like a peacock’s choral
cry, or agate-spiral
Saverin-Canute, out of Iona

(green Columba’s jaybird hymn).
At the spare crossrood
of naked servitude –
Boethius, Maximus, beaten

senseless – there Polaris burns,
& melts into the heart
of summer Ocean.  Start
your laddie-dance, lass – Roy returns.


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