The Hiawatha


I carry Sophie through the snow
to the summit of Tower Hill.
She says, It’s magical
(prodigal 2-yr-old). & so

it is.  That conical moss-green
Witch’s Hat crowns
a Yeatsian limestone
keep (prehistoric submarine

barnacled with biomorphic
hieroglyphs).  Isis
the octopus gathers
her segmented sea-worm (limbic

bronze phosphorus monarch child)
in streams of time – before
the 9th planet was born,
or knowledge-tree known (wild

afterthought of smoke-signum).
Chicago Hiawatha
arrowed here, truer
than rue – trained consummation,

like soft carnation in Quaker lapel
(hexagonamatrix).  Rule,
Scattergood Friends School
your West Branch harbor (charitable

agape) a hostel in a hostile time.
Justice for orphan, widow,
refugee.  Praise be, grey
catenary icon (9-twined lime).


Tower Hill (Prospect Park, Minneapolis)

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